Pikku Takki strives to optimize resource use and minimize the environmental impact in every step of our production process.  Our high-quality, 100% natural fibers can be was be washed over and over again without fading and are biodegradable after a long life. As a result our garments can be loved and passed along to new generations of siblings, friends, and neighbors.

Adjustable sizing allows garments to grow with your child and reversible patterns maximize use and wear. Attention to details such as our compostable packaging keep the health of our customer and our planet in mind. 

For "FIRST RUN", Pikku Takki has partnered with the Bindaas Unlimited to produce its designs. Founded by artist Meeta Mastani, who has worked at the intersection of art, design, craft techniques, and social development for over 25 years. Bindaas Unlimited is a collaborative, community-centered organization that supports traditional craftsmanship, art and artisanship in both rural and urban areas of India.

Fair wages, sustainability, and community development are the foundation of Bindaas’ production model, where everything is hand-made in small batches using traditional techniques. 

For more information about Meeta Mastani and Bindass Unlimited:


Picture courtesy of Bindaas Unlimited