PIKKU TAKKI LLC is the collaboration between the traditional craft of textile makers from around the world paired with the imagination and ingenuity of international fashion designers.
The company was founded in 2013 with the firm belief that a joyful marriage of “fashion” and “fair” is possible. 

Promoting cultural dialogue and establishing meaningful and sustainable relationships around the world, the fabrics are sourced directly from the communities that keep such traditional textiles thriving. All handmade textiles are printed or dyed with using very specific and elaborate artistic processes. All garments are proudly hand-made by workers who receive fair wages.

“FIRST RUN” is the debut line of “Pikku Takki”.  Our culturally rich African Wax textiles were purchased in Paris, designed in Switzerland, and will be for sale online, based in Madison, WI. First run is currently being produced for its full run of 600 pieces. Please sign up for our mailing list to be first to hear about the progress and full release of this run. 

“SECOND RUN”…is also very exciting, and in the works and planning stages…stay tuned!